Accelerating a sustainable future

Our dream

At CMPC we want to put our 100 years of history and experience at the service of building a better world for the next 100 years.

To achieve this we created CMPC Ventures, our branch dedicated to Corporate Venture Capital.

We want to partner with the best startups and global solutions that have a connection to our purpose: to contribute to the general wellbeing with more sustainable and renewable solutions for a better world.

We understand that to be successful we must collaborate deeply and genuinely. We are eager to meet extraordinary people and teams, with great passion and conviction to generate a deep bioeconomy on a global scale.

Ultimately, CMPC Ventures was born because we believe that together we can make a difference and co-create a better world for the future.

How we collaborate

Connection with the CMPC ecosystem

We want to connect them with the entire CMPC ecosystem. This is a network of people, relationships, suppliers, clients, entrepreneurs, academics and all kinds of institutions. With this, we hope that by being allies we can achieve the strategic development objectives in less time.

Access to capital to accelerate the achievement of strategic objectives

We invest in entrepreneurship in an agile and determined way. We hope to become strategic partners and to be able to accompany the ventures in their different stages of development.

Access to CMPC as Venture Client

Wherever appropriate, we put our company as the first pilot or test laboratory where we can validate the development hypotheses and thus accelerate the growth and consolidation of each solution.

CMPC Ventures dedicated full time team

We want to be partners that work side by side and provide real, concrete and tangible support.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distinctive startups and entrepreneurs.

We look for solutions and startups that have a connection with our purpose: to contribute to the general wellbeing with more sustainable and renewable solutions for a better world.

We see an enormous potential in our forests as a source of future. We are interested in sustainable construction, new bio-materials and bio-chemicals, new and more circular and digital business models, sustainable and intelligent packaging, among others. In general, we want to learn and know about any innovative opportunity that has a connection with our current businesses or with our forest in general.

We want to support Startups that are mainly close to their A capital round or are looking for their A round. Solutions that already have a sufficient technological development as proof of concept or are in validation of their commercial proposal or business model.

However, we are open to exploring options in other stages of development if we see distinctive potential.


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